Hypermobility Information Session

Flexible person

I was referred to this session by a rheumatologist at the UCL. I went along on the 19th February, there were more people there than I had thought, all with different degrees of Hypermobility. I sat in the front in my wheelchair, the physiotherapist was really good and knew a lot about our condition. She explained symptoms and causes first then went on to tell us about the two programme's available, one exercise based and the other pain management, you can only do one at a time and when you have completed it you are discharged and reviewed in 5 months. We had a couple of short breaks for a stretch or drink and a chance to chat with other people. I had a chat to the Physiotherapist afterwards about seeing her for a one-one session as the two programmes are going to be too intense for me at this stage. She was really nice and was happy to meet with me after the Pain Management introduction session, as this will be more suitable for me but I will not be able to attend regular sessions in London as the travelling is too much! I explained this to her, which she understood.
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