You can still have fun

when you have a chronic condition

When I heard that one of my favourite singers was going to be performing at a Musicals concert in London, I knew I wanted to go and did some research on the venue before I phoned to ask about availability for wheelchairs.
I knew the day before I would need to have enough rest so that I could cope, I was a bit worried whether it would be very warm in the building effecting my POTS and also whether I would be able to stretch enough as I get very stiff. I made sure I was prepared beforehand.

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My tips for planning ahead would be:

  1. Book a matinee performance rather than evening, as pain will be worse as day goes on and easier to manage
  2. Day before get enough quality rest
  3. wear layers that can be easily removed 
  4. Take a bottle of water
  5. Go to the toilet beforehand as it can get busy in the interval
  6. Stretch beforehand if you know you will be sitting for a long time
  7. Take a taxi instead of tube as they have ramps for wheelchairs and will take you right to the place

I was really lucky as I had a great position in the centre facing the stage and no-one was sitting behind me so I could get up and stretch throughout the show, I was glad to be wearing layers as I found I did get warm in the second half and this could have been a problem.
I was so pleased that I went even though I did suffer afterwards with pains and fatigue, which I had expected! it took me a few days to recover. 
I think the key is planning beforehand. 

Please feel free to add any more tips that I may have missed

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