What motivates you?

What motivates you?

Following the Paralympics recently, my physio asked me What motivates you? I had to really think about this as she put me on the spot, it didn't come straight to me. We talked about what motivates those athletes to compete in their sports despite living with various disabilities. All I could really think of was music and my love for singing, it is still a passion of mine but not as strong as it was before I was diagnosed as it requires a lot of energy and strength which I have very little of.

Living with chronic pain can make it difficult to feel motivated to do anything, as the pain can put a hold on things you love doing, this is definitely the case with myself at times when my pain is really severe and I can barely move.
The support and love from my family motivate me and especially seeing my beautiful niece who is 7 months old, she brings a lot of joy to my life having her around. I love going to work when I can as it is nice to see my clients and chat to my colleagues who are always pleased to see me. My creativity motivates me as well as I love designing things even though I struggle with my arms, I still really enjoy doing it and find it rewarding. Having positivity is a real motivator even when life seems really bad just being able to find that one bit of hope to get you through the day can make a big difference.

Please share the things that make you want to get up and face the day ahead, despite living with a chronic condition?

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  1. My baby motivates me, along with my pets. My friends and family motivate me. My dream of traveling the world motivates me.

    1. Thank you for your comment Brittany and they are definitely great motivators. It is so important to have something to want to get up for

  2. Sometimes I just don't want too get up, tiredness is overwhelming. But my two girls need a Mum and I need to fight the degenerative process! Hate the thought of this stopping me do what I love. It took climbing, though I still try, and I want to continue to mountain bike, despite my wrist being in constant sublux, clicky ribs, and knee going, as well as shoulders, neck and ankles!!!

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  4. My phenomenal husband! Sappy, yes, I know, but amazingly true. I call him my Warrior because he fights for me on a regular basis. When we got married we had no idea about the EDS, and he has fought with doctors, family and friends who wouldn't take my pain issues seriously, hence, my Warrior. I figure if he can do this for me, then I can do my best for him. Sometimes that means nothing more than sitting at the computer chatting with him during the day, but he is always compassionate with me, and holds me, and tells me, I'm here baby, and I will never let you go.

    And then he also does amazing things like this weekend we are going to pick up a companion dog so that when he isn't here, I have someone still here with me to love me as unconditionally so he does. Yep, like I said, Sappy! :)