2017 Christmas Gift Guide for those with chronic conditions

With Christmas fast approaching, have you sorted out all your gifts yet? if you are still looking for suitable presents for that special person in your life, then look no further. I have chosen a selection of gifts that I would be happy to receive for Christmas and that should be appropriate for people who suffer from a chronic condition/illness.
I have selected products that are for comfort and are useful/practical. I have separated them into categories for easier viewing.

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These are 10 gifts I have chosen as being suitable for those with a chronic condition/illness

Chosen for COMFORT:

Comfort is very important when choosing Gifts for someone with a Chronic Condition/Illness, especially if there are sensitivity issues to certain materials, textures etc so I have taken this into consideration with the following gifts.
  1. Fluffy socks Great for keeping your feet warm in bed and comfortable to wear. Lots of fun designs available
  2. Fleece lined leggings These are a must have for keeping you warm, providing proprioception feedback, comfortable to wear.
  3. PJ's Plenty of choice of colours, styles and design. I choose cotton as it is a natural fibre rather than synthetic which could cause skin irritation
  4. Hoodie I find these really comfortable and warm for indoors and outdoors, I choose zipped ones as easier to get on/off with joint problems
  5. T- Shirt I choose cotton and go for a bigger fit to make it easier to put on/off choose a fun design like the zebra ones here, really comfortable on skin.


Practicality is also very important when choosing Gifts for someone, they need to be able to use what you get them, how many times have you received Gifts that are just not "practical"? I know I have in the past. These Gifts I use all the time and feel would be useful to anyone with a chronic condition/Illness.
  1. Adult colouring book Thought they were just for children, think again! they have become very popular amongst adults as well as a great way to relax especially as a form of distraction from pain.
  2. Over bed Table These are a must for people with chronic conditions that mean you spend most/all time in bed, you can have your laptop on them as well as anything you use regularly. I would be lost without mine as I use it all the time.
  3. Mug with lid If you have difficulty holding a mug these are great as they have a lid to avoid spills, lightweight to hold and have a large handle to grip. Suitable for hot/cold drinks
  4. V Pillow One of my best buys, so supportive for neck and shoulders and props you up in bed for reading a must for chronic pain sufferer's
  5. Sherpa Throw A lovely addition to have on your bed to snuggle up with when cold or in pain.

 This is my 10 gifts suitable for those with chronic conditions. What would you add to my list?

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

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