POTS Diagnosis

I received a letter in the post confirming the diagnosis of POTS, I have been referred to a self management clinic run by the Autonomic nurses, then I will receive a follow up telephone call and an outpatients appointment to see the Consultant.
I am not surprised to be told I have POTS as I think I have been suffering with symptoms for many years but not known what was wrong. When I was a Teenager I used to get episodes of dizziness when walking around shopping centres but put it down to Migraines, I also ended up at my G.P's surgery several times with Tachycardia episodes and once on holiday I was so bad an ambulance was called, as my heart was so fast and the drugs I was given didn't make any difference, I was wired up to an ECG monitor and given a tablet under my tongue. I was discharged once they were happy with my heart rate.
I am relieved to have a name to what I am suffering with as it is very difficult to explain to people how you are feeling when there is nothing for them to see. Now I tell people I have POTS they look at me and say what is that! the same reaction I get when I say about EDS, not enough people know about these more rarer conditions.
I will talk about the self management class in a new post.
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