Gastroscopy Investigation

I was really nervous about this procedure as I had never had one before and did not like the idea of having a camera put down my throat. The staff were really nice and asked the consultant to have a chat to me beforehand as the nurse had not heard about EDS, what a surprise! I have an unstable neck at the moment so this was the main concern, the consultant was lovely and told me exactly what he was going to do and said he would give me extra sedation so that I wouldn't be aware of what was happening. They sprayed my throat so it went numb then put a cannula in my arm and before I knew it I was coming round in recovery and don't remember anything about the procedure. I was told the results by the nurse that due to my EDS my spinchter does not close properly allowing food to come up my oesophagus. Not sure what they will do about this, as I have been on medication for reflux for a while. I will wait to see my Gastro Consultant.
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