My shoulder Arthrogram injection with MRI

MRI scanner

When my name was called out by the Dr I was quite excited as I thought I would be getting it over with quite quickly, unfortunately it was just to go to another area where I had to change into a gown, they found the biggest cubicle which wasn't big enough for a wheelchair and then I had to wait in the coridoor to be called for the injection.

The nurse came to get me and took me through to the Dr and I explained to him about my concern over local anaetheics not working. He reassured me that he normally does the anaesthetic at the same time as the injection as he finds this the best way. He let me stay in my wheelchair rather than getting me onto the bed as this would be more uncomfortable for me, the doctor told me everything he was doing which helped as this reassured me, he then had to gain access to my right shoulder and cleaned the area. He used an ultrasound machine to guide him where to put the injection, first he just scanned my shoulder to look for any tears of the rotator cuff, which he couldn't see any thankfully. He prepared me for the injection part and warned me it may cause my shoulder to dislocate depending how unstable it is or it may just feel strange. The needle was inserted from the back so I couldn't see it going in, I felt it though but it was no way near as painful as I had expected or what I had been experiencing with the subluxations, as it went further in it did feel a bit strange and he showed me on the scan the fluid filling up the joint, which looked strange. the whole procedure didn't take very long and was nothing to worry about.

After the injection I felt a little bit strange, probably due to the anaesthetic and the whole procedure. I went into another department for the MRI part, which was the bit I didn't like as I had to lie down in a tunnel as still as I could, which is very difficult when you suffer from muscle spasms in your back.
My shoulder was put into some plastic contraption so I couldn't move it. I started to feel really hot and uncomfortable after a while so I had to press the buzzer for them to stop the scan, before I did this they told me I was moving too much which was affecting the images, I told them I was feeling really hot and they said it wont be much longer so I tried to put up with it but I had to press the buzzer again as my PoTs was getting worse and I couldn't just ignore it. They came and got me out of the scanner, which was a relief as I felt light headed as well and in pain. I was allowed to go home. I have got to wait for the results now.

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  1. Sounds like a day that probably took a lot out of you energy- and emotionllay-wise. Hope you're recovering from it all and are as comfortable as you can be! Good wishes for the results.

  2. Thank you Caroline, it took a good few days to recover afterwards. I am seeing the surgeon in Jan so I will just have to wait and see what he says.

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