5 Gadgets/Aids I couldn't live without


Living with chronic pain can make everyday tasks difficult, especially if your mobility is affected as well. There are so many products available to make life easier when you have a disability and it is trial and error whether they work for you.

I have 5 Aids/Gadgets that I use either daily or weekly that I would struggle without.

  • Electric bed - this is a must if you suffer from back/neck problems and struggle sitting up, with the touch of a button I can sit upright or lye flat, which means no more straining my back and neck each time. However these are not cheap to buy especially if you go for Tempur like I did but worth every penny in the long run.
  • Handy reacher - These are brilliant for picking light things up like paper, tablets, clothes etc but struggle with heavier items, there are so many to choose frrom and some are designed more for heavy items, they also come in different lengths for shorter or taller people.
  • Electric bath lift - I was given this from my OT to make bathing easier for me, no more struggling getting in and out the bath, I sit on the seat, swing my legs over and press the button which takes me right into the water covering just my lower half and because it has a back to it I can rest without straining my spine, then press the button to come up when I have finished. This has really made baths easier and less painful.
  • Abili grips - I had never heard about these until I watched a video from the HMSA about products to help with hand problems and I purchased them for a reasonable price, they have been brilliant to use on my cutlery as it means I don't need to grip as hard when using them, they can also be used on pencils, paintbrushes.
  • Lumbar cushion/wedge - for back sufferers these are a must, they can be used on any seat or chair and help you maintain a better posture which should help with reducing pain from sitting, there are so many to choose from but comes down to preference, try before you buy.
These are just 5 I have mentioned but there are others that I use as well. I would love to hear about Gadgets/Aids you use to make your life easier.www.hypermobility.org
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