Hi, I am Emma, 40 years old diagnosed with hEDS hypermobilityEDS in 2013 by an EDS expert Consultant, after suffering with various problems since childhood.

My blog is about my journey living with hEDS and other associated conditions. I also cover general topics like pacing, goal setting, how to manage pain, useful gadgets/aids and personal diary extracts where appropriate. I choose topics that I feel would be helpful to my readers and provide information that I would want to know if I have just been diagnosed. I use my own personal experiences as well as resources from recognised reputable medical organisations like EDS UK, HMSA and Ehlers Danlos Society, where the information is accurate and current.
I want my followers to be able to view my blog and find topics that they want to know about, and I am always looking for new topics that are of interest to my readers. I try to blog every week.

I started blogging as a way of expressing myself after being diagnosed as it can be very ‘lonely’ at times and by chatting to other people who know what you’re going through really helps. I also wanted to be able to share what I have learnt with other people going through this journey.

I love anything creative, writing, drawing, designing and especially singing, which I have been doing about 5 years now with a vocal coach, musical theatre is my favourite. I have performed in local concerts.  I also had the opportunity of recording in a studio in London a couple of years ago where I made a demo cd of covers from musical theatre.
I have just become an Auntie to a lovely little girl who brings joy to my life everytime I see her.

Why should you follow my blog!
There are so many blogs to choose. what makes mine any different!
I understand what you're going through, as I have been there! We are on this journey together, I have gained knowledge about my hEDS and am a registered member of EDS UK and HMSA. I have seen many medical professionals from different specialities and of course I have personal experience of what life is like day to day and the problems you may encounter living with hEDS.

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Thank you for reading

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