10 Tips to surviving a long hospital stay


10 Tips to survive a long hospital stay

When you are in hospital for a long time it can be very hard to survive and passing the time can be difficult. I have been in hospital for 1 month now and how I survive it is by using various methods. Everyone has different ways of coping. 
  1. Make sure you have some form of Entertainment, such as an Ipad or tablet
  2. Read a book or magazine 
  3. Talk to other patients, this can make the stay more bearable
  4. Leave the ward if you can, this is so important as you need a change of scene
  5. Talk to the staff, some of them like this if they have the time and can be very helpful with getting problems sorted
  6. Make sure you have visitors come to visit
  7. Listen to music or meditation
  8. Word games or puzzles
  9. Get some exercise even if it is just getting up from your bed to the toilet or going for a walk
  10. sleep, ths can definitely make the time go quicker
These are my 10 tips to survving a long hospital stay, you may have others I have not thought about so please feel free to share them,
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