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10 points to help make your appointment successful

Have you ever been for an appointment and come away not saying what you really wanted to due to lack of assertiveness or anxiety. I have done this on several occasions and regretted it. You want to make sure that the appointment can be as good as possible and that you are fully prepared for it as it maybe the only chance you get.
I have seen so many specialists over the years and have made the mistake of not writing a list of questions to ask, thinking I will remember them, only to be struck by anxiety at the time and forget to mention some of the things. I decided that I would make a list of everything I needed to remember for my consultation and check either the day or few days before that I had covered all I needed to, this way hopefully I wont forget anything.

10 Points to consider to make your appointment successful

  • Make sure you take someone along with you, family member, friend, colleague as two pairs of ears is better than one
  • Photocopy all your medical history, don't assume the Dr will have information about you, it is much easier to hand a copy to the consultant instead of them having to photocopy everything
  • Bring an updated list of medication with any drug reactions you may have experienced
  • Write a list of questions down that you want to ask, have a glance before you go in the room 
  • Don't be afraid of saying you can't do something that you are asked, if it is going to cause you pain
  • Don't be afraid to ask for further clarification on anything you don't understand about your diagnosis, tests etc
  • Take a list of all your symptoms in a diary saying when they occur, pain scores, 
  • Photocopy results of scans, tests etc
  • Don't show the Dr that you don't trust them from the start or come across in a negative way as this will make them feel devalued and have an effect on the relationship
  • You need to be a proactive partner and work together and share in decision making    
This is 10 points that I use when I attend medical consultations, that has worked out very satisfactory each time. 

What points would you suggest that maybe different from mine?

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