10 Christmas gift ideas for someone with EDS

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With Christmas approaching fast, you maybe still stuck for ideas what to buy someone with a chronic condition such as EDS, due to the many problems they may suffer from. Buying the right presents can be a nightmare and you don't just want to buy anything in case it is not suitable.

I have come up with 10 Christmas gifts that you could buy for someone with EDS.

1. Bolster pillow A must have for anyone with EDS, these are comfortable for supporting the whole body while in bed, helping with pain and providing cushioning through the night. They come in various sizes and widths.

2. Heat wrap One of my favourites, put them in the microwave or freeze them down and apply them to the painful area, they are very soothing when you are in pain, come in different sizes and materials. I have several that I use all the time on different areas.

3. Throw lying on the bed or sofa when you are in pain, you just want to wrap something round you to cuddle up to, they come in different sizes, patterns, materials

4. Gloves Great for helping with circulation problems especially if you suffer from temperature regulation issues.

5. Foam roller These can provide relief when muscles are in spasm, something that many people with EDS suffer from due to the muscles overworking

6. Pyjamas Comfortable for lying around in when you are having a bad pain day

7. KT tape This is very popular with EDS sufferers as it is very easy to apply, supportive to unstable joints and still allows you to move properly and provides proprioception

8. Diary keep a record of symptoms and relevant notes to share with your medical team

9. Thermal leggings These are great for lounging around in and comfortable, which is very important if you have EDS, they are also warm

10. Tablet stand If you have problems holding things due to pain in your hands, stands are a great way to take the stress off of your joints.

This is my list of 10 items I would be very happy to receive at Christmas time. I am sure you can think of many more that I have missed.

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